A New Home for the Treehouse

Today we finally moved the former “treehouse” to a useful location. We decided to put it into the grove of pine trees which is located at the far corner of the pond-side of our property. But first we had to do some tree trimming to make space for the treehouse – now called the playhouse. Then we carefully loaded the playhouse onto the trailer (with the help of the tractor), and pulled it with the four wheeler across the street to the new location.
Then we had to move the base ( the deck portion of the playhouse which used to be anchored between the trees) – Jeff did this with the tractor. Once the base was where we wanted the playhouse to be, we backed the trailer to it and tilted it (again with the help of the tractor) and slid the playhouse onto the base. After the playhouse was positioned on the base, Jeff used the tines of the tractor’s front bucket to lift first the front, then the back – while Zach stacked cement blocks under the base to make it level.

The playhouse still needs some boards replaced, and screwed to its base + a door and windows, and the railing…and maybe some front steps and a little deck – and a firepit…maybe some benches….

After all that, we planted the extra 20 pine seedlings we had gotten to make the grove of trees a little larger.