Red Wines

Bow and Arrow Wine

Bow and Arrow

Semi-sweet blend

Chambourcin and Blackberry, which is the bow, which is the arrow? One builds the foundation with a dark dried cherry profile, the other enlivens the wine with a shot of summer jam. A dangerous combination.

Chambourcin Red Wine


Dry Varietal

Dried cherries, dark berries, need we say more? A deep ruby wine with a soft and supple mouth feel.

Concord Wine


Sweet varietal

A straight forward wine with that classic grape flavor. This is the grown-up’s grape juice, but now with a sophisticated fruity bouquet.

Fletched Wine


Sweet blend of Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc & Blackberry

Fletching refers collectively to the vanes attached to the end of an arrow. Traditionally, three such fin-shaped feathers made the arrow fly straight and true, if attached by a skilled fletcher. This wine is crafted from a blend of three fruits. Like the fletching, Chambourcin, Blackberry, and Vidal come together to create a sweet wine with an accent of fresh cherries and black raspberry.

Winter Blend Wine

Winter Blend

Sweet blend of Chambourcin and Apple wines

You spend all season out in the woods with your bow and arrow, have nothing to show for it, and coming in from the cold, something good needs to happen. Winter blend gives you a sweet ripe cherry and apple wine that when warmed, will not improve your shot, but may make you not worry about it anymore.

Sweet Mountain Mist

Sweet red table wine

Currently out of stock

Our winery sits at a nexus of Elemental Forces. We witness this with the wind, rain, and snow that envelops our Land, with the Earth that nourishes our grapes, with the mists given to us by the Mountain. To celebrate this mysterious confluence that defines our Land, we made our Sweet Mountain Mist. Like a sugary kiss of berry dew upon the lips, this wine brings forth dark candied stone fruit. Drink and dwell upon the Mysteries hidden in the Mist.

Corot Noir

Dry Varietal

It was a dark and cold night, the kind that only late winter rain can bring. I needed a new case, something to get me out of my office and back onto the streets, something to move the blood in my veins. As I pounded the pavement looking for trouble, I found my case, down at the local watering hole, “The Long Shot.” Always had an affinity for the name, reminded me of my line of work. Her name was CorotCorot Noir, and she came with an intense and attractive berry and cherry aroma. I had to keep my head straight for this one, and not let that fine bodied red get the better of me. She had a dry aspect that told you beneath her charms was a deep tannic structure that could dominate the evening. One sip and I knew that I wouldn’t just be gaining a case, but a partner.

Oaked Chambourcin

Dry Varietal

Currently out of stock
The divinely chic Earth Fairy,
Knows what flavors are born to marry.
Make them so deep & purple,
It’s Oaked Chamborcin she crafts to slurple.
Big & luscious & bright red berry,
Lifts the heart of our clever fairy.
Tempered body with hints of vanillin,
Her magic potion, the aged Oaked Chambourcin.
Pairs well with burgers, short ribs, red sauce, mushrooms, sausage pizza, strawberries, chocolate, brie and magic.