Rosé Wines

Chambourcin Rose Wine

Chambourcin Rosé

Semi-sweet varietal

We have removed the cherry to expose a floral bouquet and a strawberry palate. When chilled, enjoy the mineral overtones with a hint of sweet.

Valley Blush Wine

Valley Blush

Off-dry blend

It’s back!

This blend of Chambourcin Rosé and Vidal acts as the cousin to the Rosé, the one you want to spend the reunion with. Drier, lively, a bit of a lemony acidic bite, but with the strawberry flavors still coming through.

Desert Rose

Dry Varietal

Desert Rose is our driest rosé made from our Chambourcin grapes. At the forefront is a strong grapefruit presence, but with a fruity overtone, recalling Honeycrisp apple (without the sweet) and a hint of the characteristic strawberry found in our Chambourcin Rosé.

Pink Quiver

Sweet Varietal

Like a filled quiver ready for the hunt, each arrow expertly crafted for the task at hand, this wine packs berry into every glass: overflowing with bold ripe dark cherries, graced by hints of strawberry and then sweet fresh mid-summer fruit, all followed by a clean acidity. Refreshing chilled.