Apple Wine and Cider

Our family and friends have been enjoying last year’s apple wine…so much so, that we are beginning to run short.  We certainly want to avoid that situation in the future, so Jeff went and got more apples last week.

This weekend – which was gorgeous again – we pressed another 20 gallons of cider.  We saved about 3 gallons of this for Thanksgiving (Tina found a great recipe for a cider Thanksgiving punch – which consists mostly of apple schnapps and cider with spices and some oranges and lemon slices for decorations).  The remaining cider is already in the fermenting vat for another batch of 2010 apple wine. With the earlier apple wine batch, we hope to end up with about 30 gallons.
Got some major house cleaning, re-arranging and decorating done this weekend as well.  Even finished our home office area.  Now we are almost ready for everyone to come and visit for Thanksgiving!