Catching Up After Vacation

We thought a long weekend over Easter would be ideal for leaving the garden and yard to fend for itself – after all, it was rather cool yet, all cold weather crops had been planted, and nothing much should get out of hand.  We were only gone for one week and left PA in cold, foggy, drizzly weather.
We did enjoy a wonderful week in Hilton Head Island – lots of swimming (yes, the pool and ocean were warm enough), biking and running on the beach.  It was glorious. 
But during this one week, the weather in PA decided to skip spring, and went from cold to hot – with lots of rain.  When we returned everything had gotten overgrown – literally.  We got home early Wednesday morning and by that afternoon, we were running both lawn mowers and the bush-hog, trying to find the yard…
Luckily, the days are getting significantly longer, and each evening since then was spent weeding another flower bed or garden section.
Today Jeff ran the disc through the yet unplanted garden to knock down the weeds, and we planted carrots, red beets and about 1/4 row of dill.  Also used the rest of the lettuce and spinach seeds for a second batch (the early batch has been growing in the kitchen garden).  Jeff also ran the disc through the grapevines – very slowly and carefully, as is barely fits.  Did not loose a single plant, the grape patch looks much better with all the weeds knocked down.