Don’t like Deer Anymore

Yesterday was a rotten day for deer encounters:  first, Tina hit a deer on her way to work, killed the deer, smashed the driver side headlight, hood and fender (luckily it happened close to home, the car still drives fine, so all she had to do was switch cars with Jeff).

 But even worse was when we discovered that some deer had eaten most of the leaves off one of the small cherry trees, and nibbled on the young stems of two pear trees.  Bought strong smelling soap, cut them in half and used old panty hose to hang one into each tree.

Found several intriguing recipes for home-made deer repellent for gardeners at a website called deer-departed  but hoping the soap will do the trick.

Cherry tree after deer damage!

The second cherry tree – with a bar of soap to fend off potential deer!