Transplanting Blackberries in October

marking the spaces for plants

Our existing berry plants have sent out so many “runners”, which have rooted, that we can’t even mow in-between the rows.  So as an experiment, we started digging out the rooted “babies”, and we are planting them in a new patch – in October.  For the past several years, we have been transplanting in the spring – which worked fine, except for the fact that there is so much else to do in the Spring.  We’ll see how this works…they are just extra plants, so if it does not work, we’ll go back to Spring transplanting.  Jeff still uses his spray-paint on a stick contraption to mark exact spacing (in addition to metal posts and string as guides)  This new patch currently has 6 rows, spaced 10 feet apart, and long enough for 36 plants.  The plants are spaced at 6 feet apart.