Transplanted all Seedlings – Finally!

The process of transplanting seedlings from flats (I just sowed them in little rows), into individual pots has taken well over a week.  For “pots” we use either the 9 oz or 18 oz plastic drinking cups – after we make a hole in the bottom of each cups. Holes are made by holding a long nail in a pair of vice grips over a small torch, to heat the nail, and then punching it through about a dozen cups at a time.
Here is what we transplanted:

  • 46 “Oxheart” tomatoes
  • 24 green peppers “Big Dipper”
  • 20 red sweet peppers “Sweet Ruby Hybrid”
  • 65 basil plants
  • 45 “Roma” tomatoes
  • 36 “Black Plum” tomatoes
  • 32 “Brandywine” tomatoes
  • 36  “Amish Paste” tomatoes
  • 101  Leeks