More Blackberry Trellis Installation

Our one year old plants (Triple Crown) have been growing like crazy with all the rain we’ve had this week, and the tractor barely fits above the plants anymore, so we’re concentrating on drilling all the post holes for the trellis posts in this patch, before the brambles grow higher

Toben watches “Pappy Jeff”

The posts are approximately 30 ft. apart – or roughly every 8 berry plants.   We marked the spots for each post with a squirt of spray paint.   We are using our “skinny” auger in the post hole digger – and it definitely works best when sharpened!  Jeff also found that it works a lot better with some extra weight above the auger – hence the creative rigging of cement blocks 🙂

The posts line up with those we set last year – our “Apache” patch, which is now in its third year … and looking amazing!