Wine Making 2012 Started This Week!

Exciting things happening this week:  we started 3 “experimental” batches of wine.

yeast starting to bubble
in blackberry juice
  • July 28:  our first batch is a plain blackberry, made from frozen berries we picked earlier this season. 
  • July 29:  a small batch of strawberry wine, also from previously frozen berries
  • August 4:  another batch of blackberry, but with this one we are trying for a “Blackberry Merlot” kind of wine, used more berries per gallon and added wood chips already during fermentation.

For all batches, we kept the fruit secured in fermentation bags, which will make it easy to remove before racking into carboys.

We had to make a run for more wine-making supplies like yeast, pectic enzyme, campden tablets etc.,  and ended up buying a fermentation vat for future use.  It was a good deal…and we can always dream big 🙂