Vineyard Expansion

Our new grapes arrived today – actually, Zachary picked them up in New York State, where he had to travel for work and he drove them to Carlisle (via Ohio to pick up his family). Picking up the grapes eliminated the shipping rate, so we were able to get additional plants.

  • 240 Chambourcin grapes
  • 190 Concord grapes
  • 100 Vidal Blanc grapes
  • 30 Elderberry bushes
We had a lot of helpers:  Zach and Rachel, Jens and Grace, Sam and Caleb, Lars and Caleb’s great-uncle Bill.  We worked as a marking team, a digging team, a planting team and Jeff as “supervisor” and master pruner.  It worked out well, we planted all the Chambourcin’s and 130 of the Concord vines today.  Hoping to finish up tomorrow!