“Orchard” Doubled in Size

Just got in from planting 16 pear trees (Anjou and Bosc).  The new fruit trees border the bottom of the mixed grape field and run nearly the entire length of that field.  Basically, we ran out of space and ended up with 3 extra trees, which were planted in pots for later. 

These were young trees, with small root systems, so we could make the holes with a rototiller and shovel.  A great way to water trees/shrubs or other larger plants is to use an old 5 gallon bucket and drill 3-4 hole close to each other on one edge, then fill the bucket 1/3 to 1/2 full of water, place it close to the tree, and let the water slowly trickle out.

The new pear trees are across the street from our other “orchard”, also made up mostly of pears, but in addition there are some peach and cherry trees.  Hope these will grow – they should all look spectacular when they bloom in the spring … in 3-4 years.!