More Useable Space Outside

It only took 2 hours for Jeff, Zach, Lars and the tractor to annihilate the last messy, overgrown corner of our property.  Zach thinks we gained half an acre (it is probably more like a quarter of an acre), but most of all it looks CLEAN!  This has been nagging at me for some time and I am so excited the “boys” tackled this project today.


Since the back corner is now clean, I got very motivated to improve the area around the yellow bench by the pond.   I decided to move three juniper bushes, which were growing alongside the house and had gotten way too large for that spot, and planted them behind the bench. This provided a sort of backdrop for the bench, which is bordered by a cornfield.    Now I just need to fix the missing board, give it a fresh coat of pain and then I can start planting flowers…