Building More Trellis

Jens, Jeff and Lars worked all day Saturday installing the  trellis system end posts for the grapes we planted this spring.  They used 4×4 posts and concreted those in – the smaller posts in the grape rows were already installed.  On Sunday, after the concrete had a chance to set and harden, Jeff and Lars attached the wires and tensioners.  They got the bottom wire installed in all six rows.  (By the way, each row of grapes is exactly .1 mile, at least according to the GPS on Tina’s running app).

By Sunday evening, we were ready to start tying up the young grapes to the wires.  We selected the strongest shoot from the vine (cut all others off), and then tied a piece of baler twine to one of the cut-off stems, carefully wrapped the twine around the grape vine and then attached the twine to the wire. We finished two rows before it got too dark to see – hopefully we can get them all done this week, if the weather cooperates.