Preparing for Grape Harvest

Pre-harvest preparations started with the onset of veraison (when the grapes begin changing color) about 2 weeks ago.  We are taking periodic samples of grapes, crush them and then measure the pH, Brix and total acid content of the juice.  We are also getting all the equipment ready for harvesting and crushing.  At this point, we are thinking that next weekend may be the ideal time to pick – which would be perfect as most of our family will be visiting for labor day – and laboring they will be 🙂

One of our newest acquisitions is another stainless steel tank – again thanks to Zach and his connections to dairy farmers who are outgrowing their smaller milk tanks.   We had to build a small platform with  a step, so that we can easily look into the tank, clean it and later dump grapes into it.  We’ll try to use it as a fermenter this year, if we get enough grapes.