Experimenting with Acid Adjustment in Wine

We tested our 2013 Chambourcin and found that the pH level was a bit on the high side – high enough to consider adjusting the acid content just a bit to ensure the wine is balanced and remains stable once we bottle it.

We tried different amounts of acid, as well as different types of acid, including tartaric, citric and a commercially available “acid blend”.   Jars with different tasting wine have been sitting around our kitchen all weekend, and we kept taste-testing and measuring the pH levels.  Nothing much changed in the readings after the first couple of hours.

No matter how often we taste-tested,  our  preference was always for the wine with the added tartaric acid  (which is one of the main acids in wine anyhow).  So that will be the added acid of choice.

We are hoping that this will give out wine more balance, without adding any sharpness.  Tina had some of the tartaric acid jar-wine with dinner and it was rather good!