Grape Harvest Sequence

Yesterday we picked the last of our grape variety, the Vidal Blanc.  We should have harvested them 4 days earlier, because the birds got the majority of the grapes in just the last few days 🙁

Here is this year’s chronological grape harvest:

  1. Concord 
  2. Chardonnel, at 21° Brix and a pH of 3.06
  3. Corot Noir
  4. Chambourcin harvest part 1, for making Rosè, at 19.9° brix and a pH of 3.31
  5. Chambourcin harvest part 2, for red wine, 22° Brix, and pH of 3.47
  6. Vidal Blanc, 20.6° Brix and pH of 3.33