August 6 Garden Update

  • Blackberry harvest is coming to an end, we picked over 500 pounds.  A few bushes are still bearing, but we are trimming out the old growth and tying up the shoots for next year.
  • Doing well with watermelons – we have yellow and red ones.  Both have amazing tastes!
  • Picked enough tomatoes and onions for a batch of sauce
  • Still making pesto dishes from all the basil
  • Made 2 batches of blackberry jam (with Anja and Anna)
  • Most importantly: Chambourcin grapes are ripening!!

July 24 Garden Update

  • Harvested all green beans – they did not do too well this year, so we pulled out plants while harvesting.  We canned 26 quarts of green beans and made a huge pot of ham & bean soup
  • Besides cherry tomatoes, the first “Beef Heart” tomatoes are ripening
  • Melons are doing well with all the rain, picked a cantaloupe (not quite ripe yet)
  • We are up to 467 lbs of picked blackberries!

July 15 Garden Update

Here is what we harvested last week:

– 20 heads of cabbage
– Cherry tomatoes (maybe a quart so far)
– zucchini every other day for a meal, plus zucchini bread
– still getting onions, red beets and potatoes as we need them
– 280 lbs of blackberries total so far!!

We traded blackberries for blueberries with our neighbor yesterday, and also took 32 quarts to the local fruit auction, just to see how that would work 🙂

We have been lucky and got some rain last week – one day it rained 1.5 inches in less than 30 minutes, but friends a few miles down the road had no rain at all.  And just now we had another heavy downpour, so far there is 1/2 inch in the rain gauge, and it is still raining (which is why I am on the computer and not outside).

July 2 Quick Garden Update

  • Found first ripe cherry tomato
  • Finished harvesting and freezing broccoli (20 bags in total)
  • Picked enough nearly ripe blackberries off one row for a pie
  • Finished stringing 2nd row of wires in the blackberry patch
  • Tied up Apache blackberry shoots to the second wire
  • Ran irrigation, alternating between garden and berries
  • Chambourcin grapes are beginning to form
  • It was an incredibly hot and dry week! 

Quick Garden Update

Harvested and froze broccoli – 9 bags this weekend

Continued picking blueberries – so far we made some jam, pies, muffins, coffeecake and cobblers.  Trying to find the ultimate recipes.

Picking lettuce, onions, beets and potatoes for dinner as needed

Tomatoes have blossoms

Blackberries are beginning to fill, a few red ones have been sighted

Running a lot of irrigation, since we are lacking rain!

Flowers are in full bloom