It’s called The Long Shot Farm because….

Well, Duff (in the picture with his wife Anja) came up with the name while we were all brainstorming about what to name the farm. The entire exercise was more difficult than naming a baby. It took a while to sink in how fitting The Long Shot Farm name really is and how flexible and appealing to everyone. Good job Duff!

It turns out that everyone we mentioned this name idea to interpreted the meaning a different way, here is a sampling:

Jeff: “Great, and for our website URL we could use 25.06” (his favorite caliber)

Tina: “You are right, I never thought we’d pull this off and actually get a little farm”

Sam: “I thought it’s because everyone in the family is a really – REALLY – good shot, you know, we are the long shot family”

Zach: “you are not allowed to post anything about me”

Rachel: “As in ‘slim chance of succeeding?'”

Knud: “As in the extra tall shotglasses at a bar? Perfect”

Anja: “I was really surprised to come back from Germany to find out that you named the farm after Duff”s idea – wow”

On a more practical note:

  • We are just about a “long shot” from the borough of Carlisle…meaning it’s a relatively short drive.
  • A photographer would think of the beautiful scenery being captured by a wide angle lens.