Vegetable Garden Update

Before the blackberry plants arrived, we had already planned the vegetable garden, plowed and disked the soil and put in the cold weather crops. (The picture shows Jeff and Zach in the garden)

Here is what we had planted by April 5:

  • 20 lbs of Kenebec potatoes
  • 20 lbs of Red Pontiac potatoes
  • 3 seed packs of Hollow Crown parsnips
  • Green Ice lettuce ($1.25 worth of loose seeds)
  • Detroit Dark Red red beets ($1 worth of loose seeds)
  • Little Marvel peas (~ half a pound)
  • 300 onion plants ~ about 260 Candy, and 40 Spanish
  • 50 asparagus roots in a separate trench

This evening we also planted 1 lb of Early Frosty hull peas. And Jeff and Lars put down drip irrigation hoses for the vegies. Then we decided this garden was not going to be large enough, and Zach plowed another plot for extra sweet corn.

Meanwhile, the tomato and pepper plants (and some flowers and herbs) are growing in flats inside the house – in sunny windows.