A Little Orchard

Our tree order from the Cumberland County Conservation District arrived today – we had ordered 6 pear trees and 10 White Pine seedlings, but when we went to pick the trees up, they had extras for sale, so we bought 2 additional pear trees and 10 Colorado Spruce seedlings. Anja and Duff had given Jeff 4 of these pear trees as a birthday present and Jens and Grace had given us two peach trees for Easter.

We mowed the field on the road side of the garden and measured two rows, 20 feet apart, then drilled 5 holes in each row – also 20 feet apart…and planted our trees, which are probably 4 feet tall and are dwarfed by the large field. But we’ll call it our orchard despite the tiny trees.

  • 4 Bartlett Pears
  • 4 Bosc – Golden Russet Pears
  • 1 Elberto Semi-Dwarf Peach
  • 1 Belle of Georgia Semi-Dwarf Peach

The pine seedlings are still wrapped in newspaper waiting to be planted. But we did plant one pack of Melody spinach seed, which we had forgotten the other day.