A Patch of Blueberries

On Saturday we added a blueberry patch to our collection of small fruits. We planted them in front of a fence by the barn, that had been home to a large compost pile. After leveling the compost and working it into the ground, we dug holes for the 12 plants, and watered them with an acid fertilizer. We added a mixture of peat moss and potting soil into the holes and around the plants, which were two year old bushes. We’ll keep working on that ground to keep the pH around 4.7%. We chose to put the blueberry patch in front of an existing fence so that we’ll only need to add a few more posts in order to fence it in and cover the bushes with netting, once we actually have berries. We ended up planting the following varieties:

  • 2 Chipewa
  • 4 Bluecrop
  • 2 Misty
  • 4 Liberty