Cleaning Around and in the Pond

This past weekend we worked on cleaning the pond – around the edges and the water.

Jeff sawed off a lot of the willow trees – which not only grow around the edge, but also grow in the water. He cut the larger pieces into firewood (which Anja and Duff carted away and stacked), and we made yet another burning pile for all the smaller branches.

Then Jeff had the great idea of trying to pull those willows, which were actually growing in the pond, out with his tractor – Tina had to borrow Anja’s fly-fishing waders to go into the water and hook ropes and chains around the tree trunks….this did not work too well – so we went back to sawing them off where possible.

At the end of this rather exhausting day, we hung out at the pond and enjoyed the peaceful afternoon. Anja and Duff took a ride in the paddleboat.