More Cleaning up and Planting

It’s time to catch up with blogging – it’s been a crazy week:

Last weekend Jeff planted corn – two pound of Silver King (we think) – this was seed we had left over from last year, so we’ll have to see how it germinates. He planted this on the lower field – next to the blackberries in the back of the property. Jeff had ordered new parts for the fertilizer bins of his corn planter – they worked like a charm, saving us a lot of time!

We also killed a lot of poison ivy and continued cleaning out the willows around the pond. Late Sunday afternoon, Zach decided to set up the swing set – it was in pieces and had to be moved into place with the tractor. We got it all set up between two large trees in the back yard, near the ‘future play house’ (an old chicken coop that Sam worked on cleaning our for a couple of days already)