Grape Vine Decorations (continued)

The idea of making swags for the guest room windows – on top of the regular curtains – did not work.  It did look gaudy…and too busy.

But – we took two of the former “swags” and tied them together, wrapped brown wired, clear lights around them, and fastened the whole contraption to the large beam that spans the kitchen.  It looks fine without lights, because it just fits on the beam, nothing hanging down to get in the way.  It still maintained the slight wavy shape and in the winter, and throughout the holidays, it looked amazing with the lights turned on early morning and at night.
The large “swag” we used in the family room above the large window, which does not have curtains (and won’t because everyone likes the view of the mountain, and there are no other houses in sight).  At night time though, this window looks rather dark – and by hanging the grapevine “swag” (which is also wrapped with lights) above the window molding, it lights the window and makes the room look more cozy at night.