Plowing and Planting in March

Jeff has been busy plowing and disking our various “plots” during the last two weeks: 
  • the vegetable garden (which he “squared up” –  meaning he made it even larger)
  • the field below the barn, where we will plant our first 200 grape vines in April
  • half the field above the pond, which we will plant in peas (about 100 lbs) and sweet corn this year, then cover crop it to get it ready for more grapes next year

Last weekend, with unseasonable warm weather, we started planting the garden:  
  • 50 lbs of Kenebec potatoes
  • 25 lbs of Red Pontiac potatoes
  • 300 “Candy” onion plants
  • 1 lbs of red onion sets
  • 5 bulbs of California garlic
  • 3 seed packets of Hollow Crown parsnips

Kept on hoeing the blackberry plants from last year, working on about 25 at a time each evening after work – as of today, we have 362 finished (=138 to go).  The ground is perfect right now, weeds are coming out easy and the weather has been holding up just fine – though we are supposed to get rain and sleet tonight 🙁

garden patch

Chambourcin patch

pea & corn patch