Pea Planting

Jeff and Lars planting peas

We planted 50 lbs of garden peas in the field that is supposed to grow grapes next year.  Since peas are nitrogen fixing plants, we figured we can’t go wrong sowing them.   Hopefully they will grow and we have time to pick some of them – we did find someone with a mechanical pea sheller…We’ll see if they grow first.  Jeff adjusted the gears on our corn planter and used a different seed plate for the peas.  We had actually bought 100 lbs (not knowing exactly what we needed) – luckily the peas came in 50 lbs bags, so we are returning the one unused bag.

very long rows of peas!

It was a bright sunny day, but not very warm – mid 40’s…also spent a lot of time hoeing and rototilling the blackberry patch, we are almost done – less than half a row to go!!!  Also cleaned up the asparagus patch, dug the first 37 holes for the grape vines, which should arrive next week, and started cleaning up the herb garden.