Getting Corn Planted and Berries Weeded

Jeff planted our corn this weekend – on what used to be a pasture, but recently plowed under, field – right above the “pea patch”.  We planted two varieties this year, 5 lbs of Silver King and 2 lbs of Sugar Baby.

Silver King is a sweet white corn, about 82 days to maturity, ears should be about 8″ long.
Sugar Baby is a sweet bi-color, early maturing corn – about 65 days to maturity.  This is a new one for us, we are just experimenting…whereas the Silver King has been great for us in the past.

Also spent every evening this week cultivating the Apache blackberries by hoeing around the plant, then using the small rototiller between the plants and finally the big rototiller along each side for the entire length.  It was worth it.  As soon as the Triple Crown berries are a little taller, we’ll do the same for those.