Pea Picking Weekend!

We had our first meal of this season’s peas last night – together with new potatoes from the garden, and a fresh garden salad.  It was delicious!  This morning we got an early start with everyone helping to pick peas before it got too hot.  We managed to pick 4 buckets (about 3 bushel) – which is not even a quarter of the patch.
We took our peas to a farm outside Newville that has an automatic pea sheller.  In less than 10 minutes, all the peas were shelled – it was awesome!  Spent the hottest part of the day inside the air conditioned kitchen blanching peas.  We got 32 bags of frozen peas (each bag had between 3 and 4 cups of peas).  The plan is to pick more peas late tomorrow evening, so that Jeff can take them and get them shelled Monday morning and keep them refrigerated until everyone is home from work Monday night.