Fixing the Old “Tree House” First Project of New Year

It started out as a walk around the pond, enjoying the warm weather on the first weekend of the New Year – when we reached the old “tree house” (it is no longer a tree house, since we moved it to a new location on the ground).  We got the sudden urge to finally anchor the play house to its platform and fix the railing around it.  Anja, Duff, Lars and Tina, with the help of a Come-Along, managed to reposition the structure to the edge of the platform, then anchor it down with screws. Missing siding boards were replaced and we connected the upper and lower deck platforms.   We also salvaged the old railing from it’s actual tree house days and attached those around the playhouse.   All the old leaves, pine needles and grass were removed – with some major raking effort and we build a small fire pit in the clearance in front of the house and restacked the firewood behind it.  Now all we need is another warm day to attach the door and decorate.  We had so much fun doing this – what a great way to start the New Year!

New Year’s Day rainbow that evening was amazing
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