Andrew and Amanda’s Wedding

Although the rest of the barn is not ready for the Winery to use yet, it has come along way in the last month. It was just enough space for a 45 person wedding. It’s amazing what you can do with fabric and twinkle lights! Eventually it will be a perfect size for private events at the Winery like bridal showers or painting events.


But for the Winery to use it we would need the proper inspections first.

Posted by Samantha Weyant Shaffer and Anja Weyant

What’s in the rest of the barn?

Zach and his friends have been working hard on the center section of the barn.  They are preparing for a small wedding this weekend.  Zach leveled and secured the floor with insulation and plywood.  They also drywalled and primed several sections of wall.

For the wedding twinkle lights and fabric will be hung to cover the unfinished areas.  This will be a great practice run for when the Winery holds events in the future.  It will also serve as extra space when the weather is too poor to use the deck.

There is still a lot of work to be done before it is ready to use by the Winery but the progress is exciting.

Posted by Anja Weyant and Samantha Weyant Shaffer

Baby Doll Diapers

Freyja is obsessed with her baby doll.  She loves to clothe her, change her, and take her to the bus stop in the stroller to pick up Leif.  In fact, we just wore out our second doll stroller.  Freyja is also into using scissors.  Unfortunately there are not too many projects for a 4 year old to go hog wild on with a pair of scissors.

So we decided to make baby doll diapers. I traced a diaper we had onto fabric (which she picked out).  I altered the pattern so it would curve nicely on the back of the baby doll and not be so gathered in the front.  Freyja cut out 4.  She also cut out 4 fleece linings for the diapers so they would be white and fluffy inside. I sewed them together, with a little top stitching and velcro and voila!


She was “sew” into this project we then made 4 matching spit rags for the baby doll.  These were simple rectangles I traced from an envelope and lined with fleece.  I also topstitched and sewed 2 lines down the spit rags to prevent them from shifting.  It was a fun way to expand Freyja’s baby doll accessories that she could also be part of.

Posted by Anja Weyant

Finishing the Bar Top

We had purchased a large, live edge, unfinished slab of wood to use for the bar top.  After rough sanding it with a belt sander, we finished it by hand-sanding, using finer and finer sandpaper between applying coats of high gloss polyurethane.  We started off with 80 grit sandpaper and at the end we were using 800 grit sandpaper!  It took about 30 coats of polyurethane and sanding (we lost track of the exact number) over a period of two months.  But it was so worth it:

Upper Barn Remodel Week 1 – Concrete

With the warmer temperatures, we were able to do the basic concrete work that is literally the foundation of fixing the exterior wall on the back of the upper barn.  We needed to reinforce the section of the loading area, in front of the stone wall, so we can then install a new footer and frame in the barn doors.

The first step was building a “form”, into which the concrete would be poured.  We used plywood, reinforced with 2×4’s and metal posts.  We did this 2 weekends ago, which meant that the old barn doors could not be closed tightly, as the “form” stuck out too much.  We had to use old barn beams to prop the doors shut from the outside.  Luckily, this held the doors for a week.

On Saturday, we started mixing and pouring concrete – we all worked on this most of the day.  Zach brought over his electric cement mixer, and while he mixed the concrete, Lars would use the wheelbarrow to take the mixed concrete and pour it into the form, where Jens would poke it down and use an air driven drill with a blunted tip to “vibrate” the concrete by pushing the running drill on the outside of the form.  We used 70 bags of concrete on Saturday, and as we got near the end, one side of the form gave out under all the pressure – we lost about half our work 🙁

On Sunday, we got more concrete, fixed the form and reinforced it even more, and started the process over.  We did get it all done by the middle of the afternoon.

This evening, we “popped” the form off, and could admire the new outside wall of what will be the loading area for the upper barn.