What’s in the rest of the barn?

Zach and his friends have been working hard on the center section of the barn.  They are preparing for a small wedding this weekend.  Zach leveled and secured the floor with insulation and plywood.  They also drywalled and primed several sections of wall.

For the wedding twinkle lights and fabric will be hung to cover the unfinished areas.  This will be a great practice run for when the Winery holds events in the future.  It will also serve as extra space when the weather is too poor to use the deck.

There is still a lot of work to be done before it is ready to use by the Winery but the progress is exciting.

Posted by Anja Weyant and Samantha Weyant Shaffer

Deck Railing and Ramp

Progress continues this week, as the handicap ramp is taking shape. The decking boards, posts and railings were installed on the ramp, which will end with a cemented landing.    The deck also has a railing as of this week, and a door from the future tasting room to the deck was added.     


Barn Remodel – Week 3

Within three weeks, the walls are insulated, wiring for lights, outlets, smoke detectors and fans is installed and the stairs to the storage area above the tasting room haven been build.   Drywall for the ceiling was delivered and the outside light by the entrance door is working already.

Remodeling the Interior of the Barn – Week 1

We finally started the interior remodel project of our barn – with lots of help from Michael D. Hansen Building & Remodeling.  The goal is a small tasting room for the future winery, complete with bathroom, kitchenette and with access to the downstairs production area and upstairs storage room.  The area we are remodeling is a third of the upper barn, which is divided into three bays.  This section faces the pond and vineyard, where windows had already been installed last year, when the outside of the barn was redone with new boards and battons.

At the end of the first week, all the ceiling beams were set and the interior walls were studded in.  It takes a bit of imagination to see where this is going…. But we are so excited!

Barn Remodel Week 5 and 6

We got the back side of the barn done!  Replaced the upper vent with a window and re-attached the rain spouting.  The only mishap was one nail out of the nail gun missed a board, went inside the barn, where it ricocheted off a wine barrel and shattered a window pane from the inside.  But we got it fixed and all looks good now.

Now we will work on taking the old silo down!

Sadly there will be a bit of break in the barn progress, as we are waiting for warmer weather to stain the remaining boards for the front of the barn. Hoping for May to get this done.