Like a TV Make-over Show…This Old Barn

Before ….

What a crazy and productive weekend we had – and still found time to celebrate Easter!  Our barn underwent a total makeover, including new windows, new walls, new “deck” and new landscaping.  Plus we planted over 50 pounds of potatoes, mowed and weeded, painted fences, moved stacks of lumber and fitted a wedding dress.  All because we had so many helpers:

  • Omi worked on the wedding dress mostly, but also found time to weed and paint fences.
  • Anja baked tasty cookies, painted, sowed grass seeds, raked and watered and helped with fitting the dress.
  • Gracie made Easter dinner with an amazing ham… and patiently stood, and stood, and stood to have the dress fitted, and refitted, and refitted (and had to go to work)
  • Sam had to work a lot over the weekend, but found time and did most of the family laundry (our washer broke and she and Anja had to go to the laundromat), photographed progress and got us straw for the newly seeded lawn
  • Duff powerwashed for 3 days!!, helped with rebuilding the barn walls and stacked a lot of lumber
  • Jens, Jeff and Lars worked mostly on rebuilding barn walls, putting up the “deck” railing and moving debris
  • Tina rototilled and raked the area around the barn and worked with Anja on planting the grass seed, mowed and weed whipped around the house, the grapes and around the garden and elderberries