Jam and Smoothie Garden

Making nice progress on our newest patch:  the “Jam and Smoothie” garden.  We started a second blueberry patch last fall, on the house side, between the newest Triple Crown blackberry patch and the existing elderberry patch.  Earlier in the spring, we added a row for raspberries, black and red ones,  with one lonely gooseberry bush at the end.  This week, we added two more rows:  one for Honeyoye strawberries, (we planted 50) with currant bushes at the end, and another one for “unknown, but really good” strawberries.  We plan to use the “runners” of existing strawberry plants, which are growing happily in the herb garden.  The patch is finished off with a row of lavender – some of these were left over wedding favors, which we supplemented.  Hoping the lavender bushes grow up nicely and attract plenty of pollinators!   The fruit trees then border the lavender on the other side.