June Grape Update

We got all our Chambourcin grapes tied up to the double row of catch wires (second row of wires), and we added the post extensions to run the 3rd – high- wire to eventually position the shoots on.  We are using the VSP (vertical shoot placement) training system and the grapes look great right now. This year is only their second growing season, and to be safe and not stress the vine too much, we left one bunch of grapes for just the nicest vertical shoots.

Our new Vidal Blanc patch is growing nicely and we have no deer nor rabbit damage so far (knock on wood).  We have all the trellis holes drilled, and most of the posts are already pounded in.  We are just working on the end posts, where additional cross pieces need to be installed – then we can start running the bottom wire.  We ordered 500 bamboo stakes today – to place by each growing vine – to guide it up to the bottom wire.  The stakes should be here in 2 days – we hope!

This “patch” consists of 500 vines, whereas we only have 200 Chambourcin grapes so far.