A few weeks ago we found a day old kitten in one of our sheds. It’s mother had moved the rest of the litter but missed this little one- so we took it to the house, bought kitten formula and a bottle (all readily available at Tractor Supply) and started feeding it.

First it drank barely a teaspoon at a time, but the amount gradually increased. By the time it’s eyes opened, it was drinking nearly 2 tablespoons of formula at a time. We had no problems getting it to pee, as long as we rubbed it with a wet paper towel before feeding, but for the first few weeks we had real issues getting the kitten to poop and its belly got horribly distended.     Nothing we tried worked until Jeff finally decided to give it an enema – we used a tiny disposable pipette (the kind that is used for sampling beer or wine) and a tiny amount of enema solution – and this worked!!! We kept this enema treatment up for nearly two weeks and then the kitten got over whatever issues it had and is now doing fine.

We found the rest of the litter two weeks ago in our garage and took one of them to keep ours company. They were about 6 weeks old at the time – so now we have two happy, active kittens living on our back porch.  They are such fun to watch and play with!