Garden Update August 18

  • Corn:

Still working on our sweet corn. Unfortunately we kind of lost track of our harvest numbers. But at least we know what we froze so far:

  • 180 quarts of corn for our family
  • 140 quarts we helped family/friends

We have also sold some corn and given more away to neighbors and friends – we just don’t know how many dozen – or even wagonloads… Oh well, we do know that we are over half done with the corn.  Our Silver King variety is ripening now, and our best guesstimate is that we have at least 300+ dozen of this.  We actually put an add on Craigs List this morning, just to see what might happen.  We had 2 calls so far 🙂

  • Tomatoes:

We are on our 4th batch of spaghetti sauce, and there are still loads of tomatoes left.  We’ll just keep plugging away at them.

  • Melons:

Never ever grew such nice melons before.  We think it may be the plastic that we used, as all our viney plants did much better this year (sweet potatoes and pumpkins are going nuts).  We have amazing cantaloupes and very tasty watermelons – every day! 

  • Grapes:

Our Chambourcin grapes are ripening nicely.  We took some sample grapes from different vines, smashed them, and then used our refractometer to figure out the sugar content:  It is currently 17% Brix, so definitely getting closer to picking time – we think about 2 weeks or so.

Shrub & Zucchini Bread

  • Blackberries:

Made one last batch of Jeff’s Shrub recipe, with lots of lemon.  Turned out very tasty.

  • Other:

Still picking potatoes (did not harvest them yet, we just dig out what we need for dinner).  We have lots of onions, which we get for our spaghetti sauce, and as needed.  Have lots of herbs, especially basil, which we use for different recipes.  Started cleaning/weeding both blueberry patches  – nearly done with those and ready for mulching later on.  Also still grilling zucchini for dinner and using them for zucchini bread.