Last Garden Update for 2012

We got the last of our crops out of the garden today – sweet potatoes. We had planted different types: white, red and orange yam.  We filled up the entire four wheeler and will let the potatoes dry for a day or so, before sorting and storing them in a friend’s cooler.

We also pulled out all the irrigation lines and the plastic which we used this year.  Jeff used the potato digging plow and ran it along each row edge, which loosened the plastic enough so that Lars and Tina were able to pull it out easily. 

We disked half the garden, and then made a row at the one side to plant garlic.  This is the first time we are planting garlic in the fall – previously we only used the fast-growing, single season, type.  We had ordered two different types of garlic:

  • California Early, an artichoke-type, softneck garlic  (8 oz)
  • German Extra Hardy, a purple striped-type rocambole – hardneck garlic (16 oz)
  • Music, a porcelain type hardneck garlic (16 oz)

We had enough garlic for 2/3 of a row… so possibly we’ll find something else to finish off the row before winter.

Tina also finished cleaning up the strawberry rows – getting them ready for the winter.  Just need to cover them with straw yet.