Shed Roof Progress

Start of project on Saturday

Despite the weather forecast, we did not get any rain until late on Sunday afternoon, so we were able to work more on our shed roof.  Over the last 2 weeks, we finished putting up the long roof pieces on both sides, so now we were ready for the finish trim and the roof cap.  This turned out to be more time consuming than the big pieces. We worked on Saturday for a few hours, and then again on Sunday (it got a lot colder and we had to take a break just to warm up again).

Attaching brackets for roof cap

Individual brackets had to be screwed onto the top of each of the 44 roof pieces – to attach the cap to.  Jeff had been cutting and trimming these throughout the week and he pre-drilled each pieces with 3 holes. 

Two pieces of specially formed metal had to be screwed along the angles edges, forming the front trim – the bottom piece had to screwed on, the top piece got pop-riveted.  We were able to finish the road side trim up along both edges, and attached the first section of the roof cap before it started raining. 

Holding piece of edge trim in place
Attaching trim at the peak

Finished half of the roof!
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