“January Thaw” Weekend

According to the “Farmer’s Almanac“, the January Thaw is more than just another piece of fanciful weather lore, because annual averages really do show a slight temperature increase, and subsequent dip in  January.  During the January Thaw, which usually lasts for about a week, temperatures rise an average of 10° F higher than the previous week, then drop back down.   Usually this happens around the third week of the month, but I am certain that the “2013 January Thaw” is happening this weekend. Temperatures were near 60° F on Saturday.

We worked outside much of the day, taking down most of the holiday decorations (I left some of the lights on the fences yet, as they brighten the winter nights, no matter which month it is).  We cleaned up our woodpile and got more firewood, and we finally picked up all the branches that came down during the couple of days of high wind warnings around New Year.  It made our brush pile even larger.