Bathroom Remodeling – Week 4

This project is taking longer as we keep “improving” the design.  This week Jeff decided that it is totally foolish to have a double sink without having two places to take a shower.  So in addition to planning water lines for a shower in the bathtub, Jeff and Lars are now running lines for a corner shower unit.  We picked that up at Lowes today – while buying missing plumbing fittings.

Another improvement is the “grandchild switch”.  Jeff actually installed a three-way light switch by the door, one at regular people height, and one at toddler height.  (We know they don’t like to pee in the dark).

The guest room closet now has the access to the crawl space below the house, as we could no longer keep the existing access in the bathroom – due to the new corner shower.  We finished hanging drywall in the closet, an added a coat of joint compound.  The guest room wall was sanded and got its second coat. 

There is still some more wiring to be done, but at least the missing bathroom wall is now installed, complete with the door opening.  Hopefully this coming week, we’ll get drywall up on this wall and get the door hung – so the dirt is more contained!

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