Visit to PA Garden Expo

Had a great time visiting the Garden Expo at the Farm Show Building this evening with Gracie. We met after work (for me it was just a stop on my way home) – and they offered a reduced $5 after 5 rate, which is pretty reasonable 🙂

Some of the landscape exhibits were remarkably elaborate, considering they were all set up inside just for this event.  All of them featured outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire pits or fireplaces.  Some had extensive stonework – and most had water features. Ponds, streams and lots of artsy light and water focal points.  Definitely got some great ideas.

The expo did not have quite as many garden related merchandise, like seeds, shovels, food processing type of things, which was a bit disappointing.  But they had PA wineries, one meadery, and several other PA specialty food companies – all with tasty samples.  There also was a fair amount of yard art, and some very pretty pottery and tons of jewelry.

Gracie’s Favorite
Tina’s Aspiration

Grace and I each bought a “starter bonsai” – with instruction and lots of good advice from “Nature’s Way Nursery” .  I also bought these Peruvian Wonderflowers – these bulbs, which basically look like black carrots,  are supposed to bloom profusely, all through the summer, and the bulbs are winter hardy.  It almost sounds too good to be true – we’ll see…