Bathroom Remodeling – Week 5

This seems like the never-ending project (mostly because we only have a few hours each week to really dig into this).  But there is definitely slow progress.  This week, Jeff and Lars got more waterlines run, both showers, the bathtub and the sink now have access lines.  They also ran all the electric lines, and some of the outlets and switches are actually installed.  They also cut pieces for the sub-floor and got those nailed down.

Jens came on Saturday and helped put up the ceiling drywall in the bathroom, and the drywall for the wall between the bathroom and the laundry area.  The bathroom door also got installed (which means we have CONTAINMENT of DIRT).  The guestroom wall and closet got another coat of joint compound and all the seams of the newly installed drywall have been “mudded” as well.  This week, we hope to get the rest of bathroom walls drywalled and maybe start building the frame that will hold the whirpool tub.

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