Building a Produce Stand – Part 1

Looks like we will have a movable produce stand for the vegetable and fruit season this year.  The motivation behind building a produce stand comes from Caleb and Samantha.  Some of the design improvements come from Jeff and most of the labor is done by Caleb and Lars 🙂

The project has been going on during the week, when the floor and walls were put together separately.  The stand is designed to be “moved”, meaning there are strong beams under the floor, which can be attached with chains to the tractor.  Today, they dragged the floor base to the “seasonal location”, right off the new gravel patch by the grape field.  It took some time to level the base on cement blocks, but once that was done, they assembled the wall pieces and started to add the siding to keep it straight.  Unfortunately it got dark before they finished the siding … but tomorrow is another day.

First steps to building the produce stand:

Build Walls
Build Floor

Level some more…
Move to desired location,
level and assemble

Start adding siding
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