Time Changed – and more Apples…

We successfully processed over 20 bushels of apples this weekend – the final tally was 38 quarts of canned apple sauce and 40 gallons of cider.  We’ll can about half the cider and then make wine from the rest this week.

The time change this weekend marked the end of the produce stand season and the beginning of winter “fairy” lights.  We completed the shut down of the produce stand, took down all the signs and planted the remaining mums in various flower beds.  We are still using the pumpkins for fall decorations together with the bunches of Indian corn.  Whatever apples were left ended up in the cider press.  It’s a bit sad to see the season end.

Anja and Leif were visiting this weekend and Leif was a big helper with our fall decorations and plantings!

The early dusk this evening prompted us to plug in our winter lights on the barn side of the farm. The fence is lit up, and the barn windows have welcome candles – on timers.   And we made hot mulled cider.