First Weekend Open

It’s beautiful out but it is windy.  The deck is ready, the tasting room is buzzing with anticipation and cars are in the parking lot at 4:51.  The Winery is finally opening to the public.

Friday evening started out beautiful but the weather became so cold and windy that is was impossible to enjoy a drink on the deck.  However, many guests enjoyed a brief peak at the view.  As a result everyone was inside.  There were not enough chairs so Tina brought her own dining room chairs over from the house.  People lined the hallways, the bar, and just stood around holding drinks and balancing their flights.

Speaking of flights…they weren’t something that we were originally going to pursue.  But by 6 o’clock someone had asked about them, and by 7 we were out of dishes.  Saturday morning a quick run to the restaurant store secured more flight boards and glasses. We are selling flights for $10 now and it’s a great way to taste 4 of our wines.

Rachel and Sam manned the bar while Tina and Jeff answered questions.

Lars was running around carrying cases of wine, restocking behind the bar and running the dishwasher.

No one was really sure what to expect.  Will people just stop in, buy something and leave? Will people want samples? Should we do free samples?  Will people hang out? Will anyone even come? But by Sunday the Weyants were relieved to learn that all of their hard work over the past decade had culminated in a successful opening weekend.

Posted by Anja Weyant