Cement Delivered During Huge Rainstorm

Even though everyone was watching the weather carefully, the day the cement was delivered ended up being one of those horrible rain storm days.  Luckily the loaded cement truck did not get stuck, but it lost control and could not stir, so Jeff had to get the tractor and spread a couple of loads of gravel to give some extra traction to the cement truck.  It made a terrible mess in the barnyard – but we’ll fix that later on a dry day.

Otherwise, everything went great!  The cement was poured in the barn, plus a section in front of the barn, as well as a small section in front of the house (this was with left-over cement).  It took a crew all day to smooth and level the cement.  What a difference this made in the barn!
Jeff took a video (on his “dumb” phone) – but it turned out pretty good: