Barn Remodeling Continues

Even though the downstairs of the barn is basically done, the entire upstairs as well as much of the outside of the barn still needs to be fixed over the next couple of years.  But we made some more progress with the outside of the barn this weekend:

On Saturday, we got the barn and tractor shed roofs painted – by a team of South Carolina barn painters that travels up and down the east coast.  They had huge sprayers, special roof paint and they managed to get the entire roof done in less than an hour.  It looks so much better!!!

On Sunday, we tore down the rickety old connection between the barn and the silo.  This must have been built to keep the silage dry in bad weather (and the person getting it).  It was a real eye-sore and we have not need for it.  We won’t use the silo for feed – not quite sure yet what we will do with it at this point.  It could be used for storage, we could even build ceilings and stairs.  Actually saw some pretty neat silo to house conversions on the internet .  Here is one example: 

But  maybe we will use our silo as a water tank to use gravity to irrigate the grapes an blueberries.  We’ll have all winter to think about it.  But the painting crew is planning to come back later in the fall and they will paint our silo as well.