Making Pasta

We had no idea how much better home made pasta really is – though others had told us to try it for a while. Ever since Sammy got a pasta attachment, we’ve been “borrowing” it, and experimenting with various noodles.  So far we made several batches of spaghetti and linguine, but also made some lasagna noodles and raviolis.   We used some of our frozen pesto and added it to one of the noodle batches, which turned out great.

Seems that the trick to making perfect noodles is a rather dry dough.  Our ratios vary from 3 cups of flour to 4 eggs, to 3.5 cups of flour to 5 eggs.  Then we add a bit of salt, and either a small amount of water of olive oil – depending on the consistency of the dough.  Have not messed up a batch yet, so there seems to be some flexibility :).

Definintely can’t beat a meal of homemade spaghetti, with homemade pasta sauce and homemade wine! And if we made too much pasta, we can store it for a bit and use it later.