Bathroom Remodeling – Week 7

Finally seeing major progress.  During the week, Jeff used the air hammer to chisel out the remaining floor tiles.  We realized that there was not way we could find matching tiles to complement those that were originally in the bathroom, so all the old ones had to go.  Jeff and Lars then installed the corner shower base and connected the rest of the plumbing.  They even leveled out the floor, put down cement board and build a frame for the bathtub.  Basically, they got everything done, so that we could put floor tiles down this weekend.  Jens came and helped with that job.  By Sunday evening, the floor was done  – ready for grouting later this week.

Meanwhile, Tina finished painting, cleaning and moving the furniture back in the guestroom.  It’s actually totally finished, except for one outlet cover.  Grammy came and spend the weekend, which helped a lot – not only was there pressure to finish the guestroom for her to sleep in, she and Sammy kept up with all the cleaning, ironing, sweeping and wiping needed – since we created amazing amounts of dust, dirty tools, dirty laundry and muddy tracks.  Overall, a most productive weekend.  As an added bonus, it was Lars’s 15th birthday celebration, and we did enjoy the traditional dinner at Red Robin.

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